Our salon solutions are based upon years of experience in helping salon chains better manage customer service, recruiting and generating franchisee leads.
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Salon Chains may select which services to utilize.

Automated Satisfaction Surveys

  • Customers
  • Employees
  • Vendors
  • Training
  • New Store openings

Automated Franchisee Lead Generator

  • Ongoing Franchisee leads for free
  • High Quality prospects
  • Familiar with the operation
  • Believers in the brand

Automated Recruiting

  • Pre-interviews
  • Full application
  • Assessment
  • Applicant Self-Scheduler
  • Identify Tax Credits (WOTC)

Customer Self-Scheduling

Phone Store Locator

In 2010, technology is better and less expensive. SalonAutomation’s proprietary technology is specifically designed to improve salon chain operations at a very cost-effective price. This technology is already proven successful at salon chains nationwide.
  • The best way to gather and report large quantities of satisfaction data
  • The most cost-effective service management solution
  • Monitors employee satisfaction
  • Tracks vendor performance
  • Identifies which instructors are most effective
  • Generates High Quality Franchisee leads for free
  • A better and less expensive way to recruit stylist
  • Allows customers to self-schedule appointments
  • Amplifies advertising dollars in many ways
  • Makes salons easier to run & more profitable

Salon Automation utilizes tools from the following:

Instant EvaluateTurboHRauto-schedulerInstantLOCATE